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Reasons Why Daylight Savings Petition Should Be Approved

Summer time and daylight savings time are other terms which can be used interchangeably with daylight saving time. In daylight saving time, we have more evening hours and less morning hours since a clock is advanced by an hour. The clocks are advanced one hour at the start of the spring and one hour backward in autumn. Therefore, an hour of sleep is lost in spring and an extra hour of sleep is gained in autumn. The daylight saving was proposed in order to cope up with the energy crisis. Of late, some people and organizations are proposing the abolition of the DST. There are many reasons why the daylight savings time should be abolished but here are some of the reasons.

There have been an increase in the number of road deaths because of the daylight saving time. Drivers have fewer hours of sleeping and this is enough proof that in spring there are more accidents. If is after performing four tests that Austin C discovered this. The one hour of sleep which is lost can be blamed on the heightened number of road accidents. The best way to reduce road deaths is by supporting the petition to end daylight savings.

Daylight saving time can be blamed on the high number of heart attacks. Research shows that sudden changes in time and sleep patterns can lead to heart attack. Heart attacks happen after sudden blocking of the heart blood vessels. Research shows that the risk of having a heart attack after losing an hour of sleep is very high. DST should be abolished in order to reduce cases of heart attack.

DST has led to increased energy bills. The aim of embracing DST wat to cut down energy costs. Since we no longer have an energy crisis, DST should be abolished.

Daylight savings time has been proven to increase energy bills rather than to reduce them. The DST will cut down on the cost of lighting but increase the cost of air conditioning. We need to support the petition to end daylight savings in order to save on air conditioning costs.

Jobs, billing and record keeping has been proven to be altered by daylight savings time. If you are working at night and the clock is advanced by an hour, you will lose one working hour.

Research shows that daylight savings cause signs similar to those of jetlag. Once the clocks are forwarded by an hour, your body clock will not be synchronous with the clocks and this results to fatigue, insomnia, and headache.

In conclusion, daylight saving time is an outdated practice and should be abolished.

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